Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Breaking

I can not believe it is Spring Break already. It doesn't feel too Spring- like when we have only had a handful of days where the sun was shining and the temp was over 50 degrees. Also, the first three months of the year have gone so quickly. The move is coming up on us so quickly too, I am so excited and nervous and stressed and happy and sad all at once. In short, I'm an over-emotional mess. I cried watching Oprah which is not unusual for me except this time the show had not even started, it was just a promo with Paul Simon singing. Darn you, Paul Simon, going and making me feel things! (I don't know what movie that came from, if you recognize it, tell me because it's going to bug me until I remember)
Ace and Hayley had playdates today. I'm so glad my kids are well behaved at other people's homes. It makes me forgive them for behaving like wild monkeys here at home. It also means they get invited back for more playdates so I can enjoy more afternoons of relative peace (Hayley and Ace spend a lot of vacation time fighting because they are not used to so much uninterrupted sibling bonding). I went to pick Ace up this afternoon and the mother of his friend told me that he was quite the ladies man. She said she put on a tv show for them and Ace said "Let's sit together on the couch and watch Scooby-Do, it'll be like a date" and then put his arm around his friend. I'm impressed with his bold moves but did clarify that parentally surpervised cartoon watching would be all the dating he can do for the next 10 years. He accepted my terms.
We have a few more plans for the week, including skating, having friends over, a movie, and some library activities. I like having time to just be together but an entire week is exhausting and hard to fill. Sometimes all this "together" time makes me feel like I am actually spending less time than usual interacting with my kids. I'm used to our routine which has kind of built in individual time with each of them. Lucy and I have 3 mornings while everyone else is at school, Julia has afternoons while Lucy is resting (naps are a thing of the past around here). Hayley has homework time and Ace has afterschool while the girls are playing together. And then by the weekend they have all missed each other so they play well and we usually have plans that keep us busy. But over this long stretch there is either so much to do that we are rushing around or we are bored and cranky and I send them off to the playroom so they aren't driving me crazy. So, I'm guessing by next Monday I'll be more than ready to get back into our groove and send them back to school! Until then, I guess I will enjoy watching Transformers every day at 7am with Ace!