Wednesday, February 1, 2012


You are  7, can you believe it? You did so much as a 6 year old, I can't begin to remember it all, but here are some of the biggest moments:
This year you moved from Cape Cod all the way down to North Carolina. I know you were sad to leave your friends and a little scared about what life would be like in a new town with a new school and new house. You were so brave and you looked for the good in the situation and were a comfort to Julia and Lucy. You walked into your new school with so much confidence and excitement, I think everyone in the room knew they wanted to get to know you, the cool new kid! I got so many messages from your friends back in Cape Cod and they remember that tomorrow is your birthday! They love you so much that they still think about you all the time, even though you have moved many miles away.
You started first grade and you learned to read. Your teachers are so impressed with your sweet personality. I think you spend more time at school enjoying your time with your friends than focusing on learning but you do your best and you are learning so much. You are an excellent reader and I love listening to you read every night. I love that you are reading Warriors so you can keep up with your big sister but remember to choose "just right" books like Grandma taught you so you don't get too frustrated.
You had your first sleepover this year with your new friend. You camped out in his living room, played games and watched movies. I was afraid you might miss us and maybe you did, but you were happy to be with your friends. We sure missed you!
You made a lot of new friends at school and in the neighborhood.
You went to the aquarium and spent the night there with Daddy and your Cub Scout troop. That was one of the highlights of your year.
At New Year's you told us your favorite part of the year was becoming a bobcat in scouts. You have done so well as a boyscout, you are learning so much responsibility.
You wake up everyday excited about what excitement the day holds. Sometimes you get upset because some days just don't measure up to your expectations of greatness. I wish I could make everyday as awesome as you expect it to be but I'm also proud that you are learning to find the awesome in the ordinary. You are teaching me to see it too.
You want to do a lot when you are seven. You want Daddy to get you a dirtbike so you can go with him to the dirtbike track. You want to go back to Cape Cod to visit your friends. You want to go to Busch Gardens, and you would LOVE to go to Florida. You want to go bass fishing and try and catch a bass with a tag on it so you can get five dollars and a tee shirt.
I am not sure if we will do every single thing on your list but I hope we do a lot. I can't wait for more adventures with you!
I love you, Baby Ace, you make everyone of my days awesome.