Thursday, May 14, 2009

* After Ace's Mother's Day performance he asked Andy from the backseat of the van "Hey Daddy, do you think I could be part of the Jonas Brothers?"

*After we watched Andy's softball game last night I took the kids to McD's. Ace was fussing because he wanted coke with his meal and I got him milk. Hayley looks at him and says "Ace, it's called a HAPPY meal. Why don't you think about that for a minute."

*Julia was jumping on the bed and, of course, fell off. She wasn't jumping very high or fast so the fall was pretty slow, she kind of fell on the bed and then slid to the floor. She had time to tell me "Uh-oh, I falling". Once she hit the floor she sat there for a minute and said "Juju jump, Juju fall down. Oh, Juju okay. I jump again?"

*Julia and Ace were playing and I overheard Ace say this from the other room: "Okay Julia, hit me. And then stand very still."

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Stacy said...

I love reading your postings, esp. about the "you" 10 years ago. Yes, Someone definitely had/s a better plan than we could imagine! I'd love to know what the "hit me & stand still" thing was about--sneaky! Their little personalities are amazing--the Happy meal, think about it! Too funny (p.s. I generally opt for milk, too, on those things! Chocolate milk every now & then.) Talk to you soon!