Friday, July 31, 2009

The heat is on.

I'm always reluctant to blog when I've had a bad week. I'm afraid that I will sound like such a whiner (which I am) or as if I feel that the minor annoyances in my life are oh-so-awful and unjust (which I don't). But on the other hand, most of you know me so you are fully aware that I am no Suzy Sunshine and I don't want you to think that I am trying to come off as such. I'm keeping it real, sistas. Our family is completely nutso and sometimes we get on each other nerves. There are sometimes unidentified bad odors in our house. Oh, And Julia peed on the floor this week and didn't tell anyone until someone stepped in it. Twice. That someone was me.
I think my current bad mood can be attributed to the fact that we have entered the Dog Days of Summer. The heat is starting to get to us. We (meaning mostly, Ace and me) are irritable and cranky and the humidity does absurd thing to my hair. So, I find many excuses to stay home, close to my window ac and fans. 2 hours later as I pull out another handful or hair, lock myself in the bathroom to get a moment's peace, or say something snappish and mean to one of the kids I regret that decision immensely. It has just been a long, boring week. Even our day at the beach was no "day at the beach" thanks to my pissy attitude. I'm so happy it is Friday, I need Andy here for back up!
So, in summation, we are cranky. It is hot. I found something unidentifiable but certainly stinky under Ace's bed this week. Julia is not potty trained. We all feel a bit like this:

But I'm going to have a glass of wine and then I will feel more like this:

But I'll stop at one so I don't end up like this:

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