Tuesday, December 29, 2009

3 years

3 years ago I spent New Years Eve preparing for Julia's arrival. This year is a little different, I'll be preparing for her to turn 3, a departure from the baby years. Not the Big 4 yet. That is the year that with Hayley and Ace I searched for but could not find the visible signs of their babyhood. 3 is a bit easier, Julia still has her diaper bottom (at night, at least) and her munchkin voice and her need for me more often than not. But still, 3 is not a baby anymore.
So instead of timing contractions and packing and repacking my hospital bag, I'll be wrapping big girl presents and putting up decorations. She doesn't want a big party, she would rather go to the 99 with us. Big parties can be overwhelming for her and all that attention focused on her is not her idea of a good time. We lucked out this year and her friend from school is having a party on the same day as Julia's birthday so we get to go to a party but not have to be the "Official" Birthday Girl. She also gets to go to the toy store and pick out her own presents. She got so many surprises for Christmas that we are fresh out of ideas and thought she may have fun choosing her own special gift. And then the next week she will get a party with Grandma and Grandpa which is, well, grand.
Oh my Sweet Julia. Our second daughter, our peaceful princess. She is the one that Andy sees the most of his personality in and the one I spend the most time trying to figure out. She is our quiet introvert and me, being so NOT an introvert, am so intrigued by what makes her tick. She doesn't like to be alone and she will not be ignored but she doesn't like it when all the attention is on her. She has a lot to say and she loves to laugh and giggle, you never know when she may break out of her shell for a few minutes of pure silliness. When we are out and about, you won't hear a peep out of her because she is too busy taking every moment in and watching people. She likes seeing new places but is happiest in her house (or Grandma and Grandpa's). She does have a few other favorite places, Dunkin Donuts, the 99, Trader Joes, School.
I could write a billion pages on the wonders of Julia but most of you know her and have seen those wonders in her smile, heard them in her laugh, caught a glimpse of them in her smiling brown eyes. She is our Sweet JuJu bean. She's been with us for almost 1092 days. Every one of them a miracle.

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