Saturday, January 29, 2011


I slept way, way in this morning and woke up to Lucy picking my nose and telling me that I am her best friend. Then she listed her best friends: Daddy, JuJu, Hay-ey, Ass, Buddy, Coco, and Mama. She calculated that that equals 2 best friends. And all her best friends were coming to her party in the living room. If that isn't a good excuse to get out of bed on a Saturday morning, I just don't know what is.
I helped with the PTA Game Night at the school last night. I pulled it together in 10 days and when it was all set up and we were waiting for the kids to show up I was feeling pretty darn proud of myself and my organizational, party planning skills. Then the PTA president informed me that my fly was down. Still, the night went well and I think I did a good job, wardrobe malfunctions aside.
We get through the winter months by indulging the kids (and ourselves)  in random surprises and frequent trips to Dunkin Donuts or out to dinner or anything to break up the monotony of getting up, bundling up, defrosting our car, and heading off to the same old places. Monday we took the kids shopping and to Red Robin for dinner. After dinner Lucy hopped off her booster seat and, without prompting, went over to Andy and gave him a hug and said "That was a yummy dinner, thank you Daddy". It was simple but so sweet, and made me proud that she has such a grateful heart. She says "Thank You" at least 20 times a day and she really means it. That impresses me, as do many things about my Lucy. 
Julia was a rockstar at her 4 year check up yesterday, she is 29 lbs and on target with all her milestones. When we left she asked why the doctor called her a peanut and I said it was because she was little and cute like a peanut and she said "Oh, I thought maybe I smelled funny". I don't know why but that was the funniest moment of my entire day.
I don't know why I still can't post pictures but after the kids are in bed I'll try to post an all picture update. I have some good ones of the kids bowling and game night. Luckily, I don't have any that capture me with my fly down.

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