Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Julia's Day in Numbers

3: Hours spent in school

1: Picnic lunch and long walk along the beach with Grandma, Mommy, and Lucy.

8: Number of times she had to get in/out of the car for school pickups and errands.

900: Estimated number of laps she ran around the front/back yard with Hayley and Ace after school today

.5: Number of bites she ate out of her chicken salad and bagel at dinner.

12: Chunks of honeydew melon she ate that made up 99 percent of her dinner instead of the rejected bagel and chicken salad.

4: Number of times she got out of bed and asked for milk, iCarly, a vitamin, toothpaste, and a bagel because she just wasn't tired at all.

3: Minutes it took her to fall asleep once her head touched the pillow.

Sleep tight, sweet Juju, tomorrow will be another busy day.

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