Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lucy Claire is ONE

We celebrated Sunday at my parent's house with presents and cake. All the big kids were inside when I brought Lucy in and they all yelled "Happy Birthday LUCY!" when we walked in. From that moment on I think she knew this was HER special day. She had not had a good nap that afternoon so I expected she may be overwhelmed by everything but she was such a happy girl the whole night. Her presents thrilled her (for about 10 seconds each and then were quickly forgotten while she attacked the tissue paper and boxes), she loved her cake, and she loved having all eyes on her every move. She has learned to say "I One" and hold up her finger when we asked how old she was and she got so much attention and applause for it that now she does it randomly, just for kicks and giggles. Like yesterday at lunch I suggested she not try to stuff an entire muffin in her mouth and she just answered "I One" and held up her little finger at me.
Did I mention she LOVED her cake. Because, oh boy, she loved that cake. She will nod her head whenever she is happy about something and her head started nodding after her first bite and didn't stop. She seemed to figure out quickly that Grandma was responsible for this chocolatey miracle and whenever she locked eyes with Grandma she would nod her head emphatically and say "Mo!Mo!" (more, more).
On her actual birthday we got her up and sang to her and then after the big girls were at school, I took Lucy and Ace to the park. Later we had a picnic at the beach and more cake after dinner.
I hope Lucy enjoyed her special day, I hope it made her happy. Because she makes me happy every day. She is our dinosaur, our Wooz, our Baby Lucy. We love her so much, she adds so much laughter and joy to our house. She makes our family complete, she makes my heart overflow with love, and she makes every day funnier and brighter.

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