Monday, March 1, 2010

I got Hayley an alarm clock for her room so she knows when it is time to wake up. The problem was not that she would oversleep but that she tends to undersleep and wake everyone in the house up when I still have 45 minutes left of precious sleep. Ace got our old alarm clock too for the same reason and I set them up this afternoon. 5 minutes later Ace came racing into my room freaking out because his clock kept changing. I calmly explained to his that that is what clocks do, the numbers change to show the accurate time.  2 minutes later he yells "Mo-om, the numbers changed again, this clock is so broken!" After about 15 minutes and 15 freak-outs he finally calmed down and accepted that it was okay if the numbers changed every minute. Then Hayley realizes that her clock is one minute slower than Ace's and this sets off a whole new round of problems.
Who knew that a new alarm clock would cause so much commotion?

My task for this week is organizing the playroom. I've been sending the big kids down there after Hayley gets home from school so I can get things done upstairs and avoid them begging for food and television. But even though the room is overflowing with toys, they can never seem to find anything to do and they end up doing the same thing everyday. Unfortunately that is finding Ace's plastic sword and chasing each other with it. So I've got to clear out some of the clutter so they aren't so overwhelmed with choices. I'm also going to throw away all the weaponry.

I landed myself in the emergency room last week and I fully blame it on giving up caffeine. I was so tired in the shower at 8 in the morning and I went to adjust the temperature with soap all over my hand. I'm not sure why I was putting so much force into changing the temperature but when my hand slipped off the handle I went face first into our built in shelves. From the looks of it I had no doubt it was broken but it turns out it is just really badly bruised. When I was getting x-rays at the er I got my left and right side confused and was embarrassed because the tech had to help me get my chin on the correct spot for the machine. She was very nice about it and said not to worry, that happens a lot because of all the drunks that come in from barfights with broken noses. I'm not sure what she was suggesting there. Anyway, as embarrassing as my swollen nose and black eye are, at least I can claim it happened in a barfight.

(picture: Julia, a few seconds before her latest barfight)

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