Tuesday, January 13, 2009

In an effort not to go too long without a new post, here are some completely non-noteworthy events from a week in the R household:

I haven't been sleeping well. I've been trying not to eat for 2 hours before I go to bed and I really think it is affecting my sleep. I've been having the most bizarre, vivid dreams lately. Some are nightmares and then I wake up and can't get back to sleep. Or sometimes they feel so real that I feel like I was never asleep at all. I'm going to try to cut out caffeine and definitely start working on getting Lucy to sleep in her bassinet so that I can get a decent night's sleep.

Hayley has a daily math facts test. They have a page of basic addition problems, in sums up to a certain number, and they have one minute to complete them. She was incredibly frustrated because for the past month she's been stuck on 6's. Yesterday she got it! We celebrated by ordering in a pizza from our new favorite pizza place and she was so proud. Midway through her second slice of sausage, she looks up at me and said in the most defeated voice ever: "Tomorrow it will be the 7's". Victory was sweet, if short-lived.

I had my parent teacher conference with Ace's teacher today and she had nothing but good stuff to say about Ace. She said he is a happy, social, active boy and she loves his morning hugs. Next year I'm thinking of enrolling him for the 4 day program if it isn't too expensive, his teacher seems to think he is ready for more school days and I think it would be a good preparation for kindergarten.

I bought Julia a pack of pull ups this morning and since putting on a pair about 2 hours ago, she has run into the wall 4 times. She gets so preoccupied looking at the picture on her new diapers that she forgets to look where she's going. Who knew toddler underwear could be such a hazard?

Ace finally caught the elusive roll over on camera so now I can say with confidence that Lucy can indeed roll over. Watch out world, she's ready for anything now!

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Stacy said...

Please send us some that snow! Would be so nice to have a little of it (for a LITTLE while).

Love the narratives about the kiddos--how funny that the training pants are such a distraction. Yes, the math homework is equally stressing in our home. I've thought of you w/your M&M "negotiating" and have been meaning to break some out as an encouragement w/the homework.

I see Lucy's getting some "tummy time". Brianna doesn't like it for too long, but she gets some, too. I'm sure she's starting to grin & smile more & more. Enjoy!