Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lucy can roll over. I'm 90% sure. The reason I can't say this with complete certainty is that she is a ninja rollover-er. She will be happily playing on her back on her playmat for a long time and then, in the 5 seconds I get up to refill my glass or leave the room for a second, she turns over. No one has ever witnessed the actual event. Except Ace, who says he's seen it. But Ace also thinks he's seen Big Bird using our potty so he can't be trusted. For the past few days we've even been taking shifts whenever she is down on the floor to make sure we catch her in the act but she's a sneaky one. She will spit up or poop and wait till we are getting her diaper and then flip. One of these days we'll catch it!

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whocanfind? said...

I read your posts to my husband, and we just laugh. You have such a cute way of telling stories, and we are SO in the same world right now. I'm sure you'll catch Lucy in the act one of these days.