Sunday, April 19, 2009

Two different days.

Yesterday was the kind of day that I love. Up and out of the house for T-ball practice. (The whole way there Andy and I joked that it would not be so embarrassing to show up unshowered and with my pajama top on under a sweatshirt if the practice were earlier than 10am). Soon after that we took 3 of the Fantastic Four to a birthday party while Julia spent a special day with Grandma and Grandpa. We picked her up at 5pm, with just a little over an hour left to bathe and get the kids cleaned up before meeting my parents for dinner at a local restaraunt. Full, tired, and happy, we got home around 8:15 and everyone was in bed asleep within 30 minutes. It was a jam-packed day and we spent most of it outdoors, enjoying the warm sunshine.
Today is a very different day. The square on the calender for once is blank and there are no notes on the fridge of places we need to go or things that must be done today. Andy loves this kind of day. He left Lucy and I lounging in bed early this morning and took the big kids to town. I'm not sure where else they went but they came back excited about the free lightbulb from home depot and the chocolate milk they got on the way home. He looks at days like this as a chance to relax and tinker around, getting things done around the house and not worrying about where we need to be when.
On the other hand, these days makes me a little nervous. We can't waste this beautiful day, what if the kids get bored and end up watching 4 consecutive episodes of Spongebob? I should really do the mountain of laundry in the basement but I'd also like to take a walk. And with the weather getting warmer, should I look for good deals on new shorts? There are so many possibilities in that blank square on the calender and it is already 1pm and I haven't decided how to spend the day. Oh, the pressure. I think I'll go back to lounging with Lucy.

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