Tuesday, January 19, 2010

We Love Lucy

Lucy has 2  new habits. One is sticking things under her armpits. If she doesn't like the dinner I serve, she will tear the food into small pieces and stick them in her armpit. At bathtime, entire slices of torn up pizza will fall out from her shirt when we take it off. She also does it with small toys that she wants to keep from her siblings. Julia has a wooden birthday cake with small decorations. Lucy doesn't show much interest in eating them but we still try and keep them away from her. When she finds one she doesn't want it taken away so she stores in under her arm. All of her shirts have stretched out necklines from where she tugs on them to stick things in her armpit.

Her second new habit is wiping her bottom. Perhaps this is an early step towards potty training so I encourage it. Plus, it is funny. Anytime she has a paper towel or a baby wipe she goes right to wiping. She also tries to wipe her brother and sister's bottoms. And the dogs. Dolls. Her Dad.  But mostly her own bottom.

There are many reasons we love Lucy but one of them is definitely her ability to do something that we would otherwise consider socially unacceptable and slightly gross and turn it into charming and adorable. Don't even get me started about how much she loves to make people smell her feet.

Here is a picture of what Lucy was doing a lot of one year ago:

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