Wednesday, February 24, 2010

School Vacation Week

This past Saturday we had so much fun at the Boston Children's Museum. After a  long vacation week without much to do around the house we decided we needed to end the week with some adventure.

I would have more pictures but it was nerve wracking trying to keep our eyes on all the kids at all times. The kids did a great job of sticking together and not wandering away but there was so much to see and do and so many kids around it got a little crazy. There was something fun for all of them, and by the time we left they were all totally wiped out. They slept a little in the car and we had a yummy Mexican dinner at a nearby restaurant when we got home.

Not much to report about the rest of our vacation week, I spent most of it at home trying to keep the peace. Andy took each of the kids out on their own special dates. Ace went to pick out his birthday present with Grandpa and Andy (a new bike), Hayley went ice skating and out for lunch, and Julia went out to breakfast. Lucy actually had her date with me because I wanted to shop for some new clothes so I took her to her first tumbling class and then we went to the mall.

I have to admit, dropping the kids of at their schools this week was a welcome relief for all of us! 

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