Sunday, February 14, 2010


For Valentine's Day I got a new camera so stay tuned, more and better pictures are coming soon to liven this blog up a little.
I hope everyone is enjoying a day filled with love and chocolate. I let Lucy eat a big chunk of a milk chocolate bar when I finally got out of bed close to 11am this morning (Andy got up with the kids and let me sleep late because I stayed up way too late playing Rock Band and watching Couple's Retreat with him last night) so now I am her favorite Valentine EVER.
My mom made homemade Valentines for each of them with their pictures on them and last night I was putting them up on the mantle and it took my breath away, how beautiful they each are.

Speaking of beauty, here is my Valentine this year and forever.  He'll be 49 next month. Okay, not really, he'll only be 38 but I like to annoy him by telling people he's at least a decade older than he really is. It's okay because he could easily pass for 5 years younger than his real age. He laughs at all my jokes, even the lame ones. He tells me I'm good at Rock Band even though he has to turn it on No Fail mode so I can make it through a song without getting booed off the stage. He is strong and smart and can do tough math problems in his head in less time than it takes me to do them on a calculator. He can fix anything. When Hayley was little I knocked a breast pump off of a really high counter and broke it and then I got mad because I was hormonal and tired and I threw it and it broke even more. And Andy fixed it. Sometimes I'm afraid that people will think he's grumpy because he is very quiet and doesn't talk much at all (see where Julia gets it?) but he is actually one of the most open hearted people I know and once he is on your side, he will stick with you through anything. I'm lucky he's stuck with me. Happy Valentine's Day, Andy, I Love You.

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