Monday, February 1, 2010

When you were 4....

You had a birthday party with a Knights and Princesses theme. Your friends came and we played games and ate a yummy chocolate cake that Grandma made for you.

You joined a T-ball team. You tried to catch every ball, even the ones you hit with the bat. You made a good friend, Jack and your teammates called you "Mr. Incredible" because you wore an Incredibles baseball cap.

You started sleeping in your own bed, all through the night (most nights) and talked in your sleep frequently. Mommy and Daddy would be in our bed in then next room and giggle at the silly things you would say in the  middle of the night.

Your Grandpa Alvin, Grandma Karen, and Aunt Chelsea came to visit. You went fishing with your Grandpa Alvin and he told us it was a dream come true for him, he didn't even care if he caught any fish (but he did, and so did you)

You went fishing later with Mommy and Daddy. We ate slim jims and you pretended they weren't too spicy for you. You caught a fish that day too.

We spent most of our summer at the beach. Grandma and Grandpa would meet us there late in the afternoon and they would take you out into the water. You loved to play in the sand too, building castles and digging holes. And Grandma would take you for walks to find shells and crabs.

In the Fall, you started going to preschool 4 days a week instead of 2. You were so popular with your friends and teachers, they called you "The Mayor". You always had a big smile and hug for your friends and they loved you right back.

Sara and Naomi came to visit and we went to see The Nutcracker. You sat through the whole performance and used excellent manners. I think your favorite dancer was the Arabian princess,  you wanted the binoculars to watch that performance. Daddy thought that was really funny.

We went on a trip to North Carolina for Christmas and you met your new cousin Caroline for the first time. You loved to play with her and you sat down to teach her how to have a tea party. Your favorite Christmas presents were your firefighter toys and your helicopter. You and your Daddy spent hours putting together the helicopter and you have taken very good care of it.

I put you to bed on the last day you were four and told you I better hold you for as long as I could because tomorrow you will be Five and who knows how big you'll be. I might not be able to lift you. You told me maybe I won't even recognize you because you may have a mustache and be tall and I may think you are a firefighter.

I can't wait to see what you do when you are five. It will be the best year ever, all over again. 

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Katherine said...

Does Fireman Frank have a mustache?