Saturday, August 14, 2010


(August, 2010)

 Signs continue to pop up all over that Summer is, indeed, coming to an end. Swim lessons ended (with a carnival, fun, fun fun), letters arrived with school supply lists and teacher assignments, the air conditoner is no longer running on high day and night. In fact, today we shut it off and opened the doors, allowing cool air to come in, bringing along thoughts of Fall.  I do love Fall, but I'm not quite ready to let go of this summer just yet. I'm savoring a few more nights of listening to the kids playing long after dinnertime in the yard. I'm leaving our beach bag packed and ready hanging by the door for a few more weeks before it is pushed aside to make room for backpacks and lunchboxes. I'm leaving the mattress on the floor for the kids to collapse on for an afternoon nap. I'm not letting go, not yet.

(August, 2009)

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