Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Only one month left of summer vacation and I want to officially recant all my statements regarding the "summertime slump". Because overall, this summer has been so spectacular that I wish I had never complained about the moments that were spectacularly awful.
Swimming lessons are wrapping up and watching Ace do this:

brings me more joy than I can say. I spend so much time in wonder about how big he is this summer that it is refreshing to see his little body in the big, big ocean and remember that yes, he is still a little boy.

Hayley started musical theater dance workshop today. It is the summer camp best suited for my girl that turns everything into a grand performance. I think it will be a perfect wrap up for the end of summer.

I paid Julia's tuition today to guarantee her spot in the 3 day preschool program in September. She asks me at least 4 mornings a week if she is going to school so I think she is ready for a step up from the 2 day program. Plus, her BFF is in that class and she would not forgive me for separating them.  Julia's special day was Saturday and we went to see Toy Story 3. I loved that movie, I think it is the best one I have seen all summer. Then we went shopping and she picked out a new dress. It was hot pink and denim and $7.99 and I had to steal it from her while she slept to wash it. She woke me up at 6am to accuse me of taking it and demand I go get it out of the dryer.

Lucy is living up to (one of her) nicknames this week: Scrappy Lu. She is itching to pick a fight with someone so she usually aims her scrappiness at me. Too bad I've got her number and I just put her in her crib. Too too bad she has my number and she starts pretending she sees a bug. She is sincerely scared of bugs and although most of the time she is faking, I'm always scared that it is the one time she really does see a bug and I don't want her flipping out so I go check on her and she stands up says "oh, no bug" and offers me one her precious hugs. So I get her out of the crib and she goes back to being scrappy. I love, love, love Lucy, she makes me laugh so hard and so much. (ps: she tried to get scrappy with Grandma last week and she swung out to whack her in the head but she missed and fell out of her chair. Grandma felt bad for her but I thought it was hilarious-but only because she was only embarrassed, not hurt).

Friday we have company coming from New Jersey, Ace is thrilled because there are 2 boys close in age to him so he can do boy stuff (legos? burping contests?).
Oh, and YIPPEE! I got a camera. It's not super fancy so don't expect fancy photos, but at least I can prove that this spectacular summer did happen and wasn't all just a dream that I had during one of my marathon summer siestas. I got it in a hurry Saturday so Andy could document the Big's first trip to a monster truck rally, they had a blast!

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