Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A slightly-biased theater review (and some other stuff)

This weekend we went to see Hayley perform with her musical theater workshop in a star(fish)- studded performance of "Don't be so Shellfish". My parents went to see opening night, Andy and Ace went Saturday, and Julia and I went for the finale yesterday. It got rave reviews all across the board with everyone agreeing that the stand out performer was the sailor/mermaid/starfish/eel (Hayley was all of these characters, such range!)
Lucy also had a big moment this weekend, she went swimming in the ocean with Grandma and Grandpa. After countless beach days spent playing in the sand or sitting in a bucket, she finally decides she is a waterbaby 3 days before school starts. We plan to go for one last splash tomorrow so at least I'll get to see her enjoy the water before the summer ends.
We got our school supply shopping done tonight which was only mostly successful because I left the lists at home and was going off my (bad) memory. I forgot soap, wipes, paper protectors, and I don't think I got the correct gluesticks. I wouldn't worry so much if it wasn't Kindergarten. I feel the pressure to get everything just right so I don't owe Ace any money for therapy in future years (I've heard that a lot of people have mommy issues because she didn't get them the correct school supplies for the Very First Year). He is already mad at me because he had to get size 4 pants instead of 5 (like I'm to blame for his tiny hiney). I cut off the tags when we got home so maybe he'll forget. 
We celebrated the second to last night before school starts by going to Red Robin, which even made Lucy cheer. She was so happy with us and thought we were the best family in the world but then on the car trip home we asked her to stop singing so loud and now she thinks we are lame. And she didn't stop singing, she just paused every few minutes to announce "I singing! This song! I sing it!".
I love Lucy. And Ace with his tiny hiney. And Hayley the Superstar. And Julia who didn't get much of a shout out in this post (she is still super cute).

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Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh how fun! I was in theatre as a child, I have such good memories of it!