Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm sad. I'm sad because after all the talk about the great, fun day Ace was going to have today at school with the parade and the treats and the party, now he's sick. The worst part, is that he doesn't believe me when I tell him that he is sick. He thinks I'm making it all up. Forget the fact that he woke up last night burning up and stumbling around the hallway in a feverish daze. Forget the fact that he is coughing and doesn't have the energy to eat his eggs and cinnamon toast. He just thinks Mommy is mean and telling him a big, fat lie and keeping him from a fun day at school. Mean, mean Mommy.
So we are home, in our jammies, watching Sid the Science kid. We should be at school, going trunk to trunk and getting sweet, yummy treats. But again, Mommy is mean and lying to everyone about this "sickness" (imagine John McCain doing his sarcastic air quotes around that word).
Oh well, hopefully he'll be better tomorrow and we can still trick or treat. I'm debating whether this is worth a doctor's visit. He is crying about his neck hurting (his throat I guess?) I'll wait a few hours and see how he's doing.
Hope everyone else is having a happier day.

Do you have any sick day traditions? We usually make cinnamon toast and the kids sometimes gets Sprite. We make a big bed of blankets and pillows on the floor and watch movies all day (even the non-sick kids get to participate)

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