Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tomorrow I say goodbye to the Ace that I know for 3 days. As of 9:30 tomorrow, Ace will become Ace the Firefighter. He has been waiting patiently for almost a month to put on his costume (actually, we had to hide it in the garage so he would stop waking us up at 6 am, dressed head to toe in fake firefighting gear) and now the wait is over. He gets to go to Story hour at the library in costume, preschool on Thursday they are doing Trunk or treat, and Friday we are going to a parade, trick or treating in town with free carosel rides and moonbouncing, and then neighborhood trick or treating. Hayley only gets to dress up for the parade and trick or treating so we're not talking much about how often Ace gets to be the firefighter to avoid any jealousy issues. Julia will be a lion and Lucy is going as a pumpkin. I have no costume but may be mistaken for the Hunchback of Notre Dame. I was helping Andy move the old kitchen hutch to the basement to use for art supplies and my back has not forgiven me. My back has pretty much hated me for the whole "4 pregnancies in 6 years" thing and it doesn't take much for it to fail on me.
So, do you celebrate Halloween? If so, do you dress up or just the kids?

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