Monday, February 9, 2009


Do you ever want a Mommy Do-over? Today I sure do. I blew an opportunity for some much needed Mommy/Biggest-Baby-Girl Bonding time this weekend. Last week Hayley came home with a notice about the big 100th day project. Anyone with a first or second grader probably did a similar project this week, you have to create a project using 100 somethings. We chose hearts. And the point is to spend some quiet, fun, educational quality time with your child, working together to create this masterpiece. At least that's how I read the instructions. We started the project Saturday, but it turns out Hayley can't cut out a heart yet and since we needed 100 of the suckers, Andy and I decided we would do that part for her and then work on the design and the construction together. So Saturday we cut out 100 hearts. Good start. Sunday we talked about what to do but for some reason, Hayley was in La la land and was suggesting ideas like "Lets make the hearts into the shape of a nickel". She was somewhat confused by the instructions so Andy and kind of took over that too and then decided she was maybe a little overtired and we could work on it while she was in bed. So today, Andy was at work so it was up to me and Hayley to finish the project and I got frustrated and pushy and grumpy and I don't think anyone enjoyed the project much at all. Hayley got frustrated too and Ace started hitting the poster with his sword and I ended up putting it up and finishing it after she was in bed. So much for bonding time. I sneaked in to wake her up to see if she wanted to come help and she mumbled something about cheese and went back to sleep. I feel like I deserve a big old F in parenting today.

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