Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love will find a way

It's Valentine's day and love is in the air. And all over my living room floor. Hayley as made approximately 746,778 valentines and they are scattered all around the house. To be honest, I can't verify that they are all from Hayley because they are signed "admerer" so really, it could be anyone of my many admirers. But since Hayley is the only one who can write, I'm 40% sure it was her.
Andy, who knows my directional deficiencies as well as anyone, got me a navigation system for the car for Valentine's day. And really, what says romance more than "I don't want you to get lost driving to the Stop and Shop and end up in New Hampshire. Again." I blame genetics. We grew up smack dab in the middle of North Carolina and my sister once drove west to get to Myrtle Beach. True story. So that was really the best Valentine's day gift ever.
Grandma sent the kids some cool cards and they each got a box of Jellybellys. Interesting fact: Ace's favorite flavor is now licorice. That makes him my new favorite person to share a handful of Jellybellys with because I hate licorice and they interfere with my enjoyment of the other flavors. My gift to everyone is a fancy Valentine's dinner. Coconut shrimp, pot roast, potatoes, and strawberry shortcake (vegetables, you say? Who needs em!) Then the kids get to stay up late to watch Madagascar 2 and Andy and I are watching Fireproof (or, if he wins the coin toss, Wanted with Angelina Jolie).
Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!

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