Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Wednesdays are usually my third favorite day of the week because it is the day that Ace has storytime at the library and I get to spend an hour with a group of really funny women, catching up on small town news. But today, thanks to a delayed opening at Hayley's school (7 inches of snow, I was hoping for a real snow day), we missed storyhour and I was bummed. Still, as Ace pointed out as we got home this evening, it turned out to be "some fun of a day".
I borrowed an idea from another blog and filled cookie trays with dried beans and Julia and Ace spent at least an hour playing in them with Ace's new mini construction cars and trucks. Then Lucy took a 3 hour nap and I dozed off while the bigger kids watched Kung Fu Panda. Andy had a morale day at work (Bowling. Really? That boosts morale?) so he got home early and we went to get the kids much needed haircuts. We decided afterwards that they looked so clean cut and dapper that we should show them off so we went to a pizza parlor for an early dinner. Stuffed and happy, we got home just in time for homework, baths, and bedtime.
Like I said, some fun of a day. Here's a picture of the kids enjoying their bean trays. Remember, this is pre-haircuts.

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