Wednesday, February 18, 2009

He's just not that into me. Alternate Title : Katherine's favorite post ever.

You know how sweet it is when you child is sleepy or a little sick and all they want is you and your hugs and your kisses and your cuddles? Well, I don't. Because apparently, when my kids are sick, my hugs and kisses and cuddles are pretty far down on the list.
Ace has been fighting congestion, runny watery eyes, and a croup-y cough for over a week now and he's okay during the day but has been sleeping kind of restlessly and waking up in a daze for the past few nights. He's a sleeptalker on a normal day and when he's feeling bad, he gets really chatty. Last night we had this conversation, and my heart broke a little.
Time: 2:18am, Mommy alarm goes off when I hear Ace coughing and mumbling to himself and rush to his bedside, ready to soothe and comfort him with my presence.
"Hi Buddy, are you okay, do you want some water?"
"No. Go way"
"Oh, okay. Don't you want me to lay down with you and rub your back?"
"No, I need Grandma"
"Grandma is in Carolina, remember, and I think she's probably sleeping"
"Is Uncle Tan in Carolina, because I want him here. I have a baseball"
"Yeah, well, he's in California sleeping. Do you want to come lay down in my bed?"
"Is Katherine there?"
"No, Katherine has her own bed in California"
"I want to go there"
"Okay, we'll go there tomorrow. Goodnight, Buddy, I love you."
"I love Katherine"
"Katherine loves you too"
"And Tan"
"Yes, and Tan"
I get back in bed and I hear his sweet little voice calling for me and think he wants me to come back because he's remembered how much he loves and needs me. But...
"Mommy, will you bring my my picture of Tan and Katherine"

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Katherine said...

We love Ace and miss him too! Hope he's feeling better. But don't worry, of course he loves his mama, even if he doesn't always express it :)