Thursday, February 26, 2009

Over the course of the past week the following things have happened in our house: One surgery, 2 bouts of I-swear-it-is-the-flu-no-matter-what-your-stupid-"flu-test"-says-Dr.-Knowitall, one double ear infection, one case of bronchitis, one overflowing toilet, one emergency call to the on call pediatrician, and one Bigfoot sighting. Okay, maybe that last one was a Nyquil induced hallucination. But the others, yep, those all happened.
It was quite a week.
I won't go into the unpleasant memories of all the sickness because it would send me running straight for the Nyquil again but suffice it to say, we are glad to be better. And I stand by my statement last year that NOTHING is worse than the stomach flu. Through all the fevers and hacking coughs and 20 boxes of kleenex, I still thanked God that no one was throwing up.
The toilet overflowing could have just been a big annoyance but it came at a time when we were all a little loopy from sleepless nights and head colds so it was kind of hilarious. Ace was sitting on the toilet at the time it started overflowing and he swears it was trying to swallow him. Now he requires a spotter every time he needs to sit on the toilet just in case the water decides to go the wrong way again.
Last night, thanks to 2 new humidifiers and Julia's amoxocillan finally kicking in, I got my first decent night sleep in a week and woke up this morning ready to finally face the world. We've pretty much been in hibernation since last Wednesday so it felt good to get out of the house. Hayley and Ace were at school so Julia, Lucy and I went birthday shopping for Andy and to Julia's 4th favorite place, Trader Joes. She loves her Joes. It was fun to buy actual food after a week of soup, applesauce, and Popsicles.
Tomorrow night Andy and I are going to a retirement party for one of his bosses. I got a sitter for the older kids and she is actually our teenage baby sitter's mom so I know she is more than qualified to watch Lucy too, but I'm just not ready to leave her. She has hit a peak with her stranger anxiety plus she is nursing at least every 3 hours so she may scream the entire time and even if she didn't, I would have to leave after just about an hour and half of the party. It seems like infants are usually accepted at most social functions because people understand that parents don't want to leave them behind but is 5 months pushing that? She is still young enough just to sling it the whole time so I can't imagine her being any sort of disruption. It's not a formal event and my sling looks great with my dress. She'll be my best fashion accessory. We'll see how it goes. She is so stinking cute I really would be surprised if anyone is offended.

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