Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Countdown

Its cold outside and Hayley had a half day of school so I've got all 4 home early today. Ace got all muddy at preschool and Julia spilled a milkshake down her shirt so I thought it was a good time for a warm bubble bath. Hayley wanted to get in on the fun too and so far these are a few tidbits of the conversations I've overheard from the bathtub:

Hayley: "I love our tub!"
Ace: "Me too! I like to pee in it!"

Hayley: "Julia, stop brushing my butt!" (with her little pony hairbrush)

I think this is what I'm in for the rest of the day!

Our decorations are up and the house looks like Christmas all over. Andy and I have had the same argument for 7 years about whether or not it is appropriate to hang stockings before Christmas Eve. I say no, he says yes. So every year he hangs them up, then the next day I take them down and hide them somewhere in the house so he can't rehang them. Now the kids are in on it and they keep yelling at me when I try to take them down. I really wish they all still took naps.

The shopping for the kids is done and the presents are being shipped. We stuck to our budget and still got something special for each of them that I think they will play with longer than just on Christmas morning. At least I hope so!

Breakfast with Santa was fun, I'll post later about the Saucy Santa and how he patted my butt but you need the pictures to accompany that story or it isn't nearly as funny. We also got to see the harbor lighting (they put Christmas lights on the boats and parade them around the harbor) on Saturday night, Ace and I loved it but everyone else complained the whole time about being cold and tired and hungry. I kept reminding them "THERE IS NO CRYING IN CHRISTMAS!" but they kept insisting on warmth and food. Wimps.

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