Sunday, December 28, 2008

I haven't posted about our Christmas yet because I'm sad and unwilling to admit that it is over. I always suffer post holiday blues because I love the season so much and hate to see it all come to an end so suddenly. Then I get a lift thinking about New Year's and then the cluster of birthdays that we have in the winter and I'm okay.
Christmas Eve (daytime) was spent trying to be creative with ways to keep the kids from driving me completely crazy. Coloring books, cookie baking, games and DVD's were ineffective so I caved in and let them open some presents. That kept them busy till Andy got home from work and we went to a friend's house for dinner. There were plenty of other kids there to run around and play with so our kids left there exhausted and ready to go to bed right after we finished up our own family traditions (reindeer dust, setting up the nativity, reading the Chrismtas story, cookies and letters for Santa). After they were all asleep, Andy assembled toys (only the ones that the Elves needed a little help with, of course), I assembled a few side dishes for Christmas dinner and then we went to bed.
The kids were tired enough from Christmas Eve that they didn't wake us for presents until after 8. There was a blur of flying wrapping paper and happy faces and then the kids raced to the basement to start trying out all their new toys. We had breakfast and Ace and Hayley went to the yard to try out Ace's new powerwheel and Julia and Lucy (and Mommy) needed a nap. After a snooze and a revitalizing viewing of a Colbert Christmas, Andy and I started cooking. Then I napped again in the chair with Lucy, cooked some more, napped some more, cooked, napped, okay you get the picture. Our guests started arriving around 4:30 and we had a great evening with good food and friends. A few minutes after our guests left my family called us on skype so we could see and hear everyone in NC and share a little in that celebration.
After everyone left and the kids were in bed and there was nothing left but the cleaning, I had some quiet time with Lucy sleeping in my arms with no lights or sound but the Christmas tree glowing. I could not have wished for a better Christmas.

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The Divine Miss N said...

I so relate. I feel so sad when the holidays end too. :(