Tuesday, December 16, 2008

When you gotta go, you better go.

People tend to assume that I am busier than I am. Honestly, it is like Stephanie from Adventures in Babywearing says, "if it gets done, it gets done. If not, no big deal." I usually have a pretty long To Do list every day but I rarely check everything off. The world has never come to a screeching halt on account of me not reaching my daily goals, so I don't let it bother me much.
Especially with Christmas so close, my list is longer than normal and some of the things really do need to get done or, well, people will notice. Today was one of those days. There was Ace's school party to go to, cookies for girl scouts, dinner to be made early so the kids and Andy could eat while Hayley and I were at Girl Scouts, teacher gifts to find, and kids to feed and care for. It wasn't a crazy busy day but it seemed like there was always something I needed to do. Around noon I headed for the bathroom to pee but remembered I needed to call my doctor back so I did that first. While I was on the phone I saw my friend's number and remembered I wanted to call her and I had a few minutes so I did that. After I said goodbye to her I remembered again that I needed to pee but the buzzer for the cookies was buzzing so I took them out of the oven. Then I put the sausage in the pan to cook for pasta tonight. I couldn't leave that unattended and by the time it was done I had forgotten again about needing to pee. This pattern went on for a few hours and then it was time to pick up Hayley. This means loading the younger kids in the car, driving to the school, sitting in the carpool lane, driving home, unloading the kids. All in all, about a half hour. On the way out the door I thought "I should really stop to pee" but we were late (what else is new). Folks, it was a long, long wait in the carpool lane. I was literally shaking from the need to go and I considered getting everyone out and into the school so I could run to the bathroom. I would've done it if I weren't so afraid I would wet my pants on the way in. Finally we were home and I left the kids sitting in their carseats while I ran inside. So, kind of an anticlimactic ending to my story, but at least I didn't pee in front of the principal.

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whocanfind? said...

wow... busy day! Poor momma. I love your blog because I am so right there with you! You are not alone!