Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Five memorable days of 2008

1. January 2
Once again proving my theory that a year that begins with an craptastic event does not necessarily forebode a crap year, I spent my baby girl's first birthday in the hospital with a kidney stone. It sucked. That's about all I have to say about that day. Except I was happy to be released from the hospital and feeling well enough to have cake and presents at home by dinnertime, so the whole day was not a bust.

2.February 2
Feeling a familiar stomach pain that I originally thought could be a repeat of January 2, I soon realized it may be a familiar stomach pain of a much different kind. 2 trips to the pharmacy and 3 positive pregnancy tests later, 2008 took a wonderful and unexpected turn.

3.March 29
I have to be honest and admit that I didn't realize how special this day was until it was almost over. I was expecting a great party and a good time to see family and friends but really, Stan was already such a fixture in our family that I didn't expect the actual wedding day to be all that significant. It wasn't until I stood there and saw my sister and Stan exchange vows and saw in their eyes love fully requited and two lives fully joined that it felt like much more. (anyone there will tell you though, that it certainly was a great party)

4.September 22.
Lucy Claire. I tear up just trying to think of how to put that day into words. She filled a space in my heart and our family that has been waiting for her forever. The name Lucy means graceful light and that (and so much more) is what she brings into my life.

5.November 11.
Barack Obama becomes the President Elect. I still get a kick out of thinking about that moment, at 11pm when the results were in and we knew he had won. It was a good day.

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