Wednesday, December 31, 2008

January 3, 2007

This was originally my journal entry from January 5, a day after coming home from the hospital. It was much longer but I edited it down to the actual birth moment....

I was periodically checked and each time was making fast progress to 10. Around 2:30 the nurse told me it would be very soon and they began prepping for the birth. Andy looked completely calm (which usually means he is freaking out inside) and I felt calm too but also very emotional. I just couldn't believe it was only a matter of minutes. I felt some pressure and told the nurse who confirmed I was all set to push. I was so numb but mentally very aware of all that was happening, it doesn't seem fuzzy to me at all. I remember everyone getting into place, I remember being told when to push. I don't know how many pushes it was, not very many but enough that I started to get tired toward the end. I felt when her head started to come through, it was a very clear feeling but not painful. I remember the relief when her head was out. They told me to look down and I saw her head and with a few more pushes, she was out. The doctor cut the cord and Julia grabbed a hold of the scissors and wouldn't let go. Everyone was laughing and saying how beautiful she was. Andy and I just looked at each other and they placed her on my chest for a quick look and kiss. I told her "Oh, hello beautiful. Hi, hi, hi..." and some other babble. I cried and Andy followed them to the warming table and watched them clean her off. She was so mad. What a pair of lungs! I commented how tiny she was and told Andy she was smaller than our others. I was soon proven wrong when they placed her on the scale and told us 7lbs, 12oz, 5oz bigger than Ace and 11oz bigger than Hayley.
The nurse and doctor worked to deliver the placenta, which they had to do something with because of preeclampsia. I still wasn't feeling pain and was surprised to hear I had not torn at all and was cleaned up very quickly. They brought Julia back to me but I was shaking too much and asked them to hand her to Andy. I just cried and stared at her and then settled down enough to hold her. More babble and tears and a few minutes later they had to take her to nursery. Andy went along and I made about 100 phone calls. First to Grandma and Grandpa and other family.
Soon she was back and we had some time together. I was kept in labor and delivery for 24 hours to receive more mag. and be monitored. I couldn't be alone with Julia because of the side effects of the meds (dizziness, drowsiness, general loopyness) but she could stay with us as long as Andy was there.
Hayley and Ace were happily situated with our good friends for the day and night so Andy was there through the whole experience and spent the first night with us. Julia slept in his arms the entire night, visiting me to nurse and bond a bit. Of course no one really slept but we got in a few catnaps here and there, enough to feel okay the next day.

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